About This Initiative

For the second installment of the AOL Artists Guest Curator program, it is no surprise that we stayed close to home. Kathleen Massara, editor of The Huffington Post Arts & Culture, has curated a collection of five existing AOL Canvases by Cate Parr, Dave White, Josh Cochran, Mike Leavitt, and Rebeca Raney.

The Guest Curator program rotates on a monthly basis, featuring leaders in art and technology. Each contributor curates a collection of existing AOL Canvases, lends their voice to AOL Artists' social media channels, and guest blogs for the AOL Artists Tumblr. The program brings new and respected perspectives to the artists we have worked with and the pieces we have commissioned.

In November, we kicked off with Annie Werner, Tumblr's Arts Evangelist. Her collection featured AOL Canvases by Aakash Nihalani, Dee & Ricky, Jen Stark, Tomokazu Matsuyama, and more. We are thrilled to welcome Kathleen as our next Guest Curator. Her posts have become one of our main sources for Arts & Culture.