About This Initiative

Identifying leaders in art and technology, the Guest Curator Program brings new ideas and perspectives to the artists we have worked with and the pieces we have commissioned. Rotating on a monthly basis, each contributor will curate a permanent collection of existing AOL canvases, lend their voice to the AOL Artists Tumblr, takeover the AOL Artists Twitter, and more.

In November 2012, the Guest Curator program kicked off with Annie Werner of Tumblr, who runs the Arts Outreach program at Tumblr and Tumblr Open Arts. Her collection of AOL canvases will feature the work of a number of artists, including Mike Perry, Tomokazu Matsuyama, and Aakash Nihilani.

For December 2012, Kathleen Massara from Huffington Post Arts was the AOL Artists Guest Curator. Her collection featured the work of Dave White, Cate Parr, Rebeca Raney and more.

For January 2013, Daniel Stedman, founder of The Northside Media Group is the Guest Curator. His collection includes the work of Megan Whitmarsh, Tim Gough, Dave White and more.